Complete Local Ad Insertion Solutions

Designed for today’s challenges, AdSync is built for tomorrow’s targeted programmatic, VOD and OTT ad insertion.

  • Solutions for IPTV, Digital, and Analog Cable Systems
  • Significantly reduced upfront and ongoing operational costs
  • Flexible, modular, and field proven
  • Turnkey local ad insertion sales support also available

  • For IPTV and digital cable systems
  • Low cost ad insertion solution
  • Insert ads into 12 channels with the potential for unlimited channel capabilities
  • Facilitates splicing and multiplexing functions, eliminating an array of licensing fees

  • For headends that are not yet fully digital
  • Local ad insertion in as few as six HD channels
  • Designed for cable MSOs who have an immediate need to insert ads on select HD networks
  • Scalable architecture allows for future upgrades and expandability