AdSync-A Overview

Why Choose AdSync-A?

AdSync-A offers a low cost ad insertion solution for smaller systems. A low upfront capital investment combined with its standalone capability makes it a unique value. Unlike more generalized solutions which use discrete ad servers and splicers, AdSync-A optimizes the precise functions required for linear advertising into a rack mounted unit.


  • Facilitates MPEG2 or MPEG4 video and can be configured to handle long form video for LO/LA channels.
  • Software platform is flexible enough to be paired with either an IPTV platform, GigE or an ASI configuration
  • Facilitates splicing and multiplexing functions, eliminating an array of licensing fees
  • Fully customizable into any cable headend.
  • Seamless integration with existing traffic & billing systems
  • Remote configuration for easy operability & expansion
  • Remote access controller for complete “lights out” management
  • Compliant to ISO/IEC13818-1 and ASI/SCTE 35